Tenant Handbook

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Rental Remittance

Rent and tenant charges are due and payable on the first day of each month and considered delinquent thereafter.


Payments received after the first may be subject to late fees or interest charges, as outlined in your office lease. Checks delivered to the Building Management Office on its due date will not be considered paid. Please make sure checks are mailed to the lock box address before its due date.


Billing statements are sent as a courtesy to each tenant on or about the 20th day of the preceding month.


Please make all Rent checks payable to Shorenstein Realty Services, L.P.

Rent Checks must be mailed to the following address:


SRI Ten 707 Wilshire LLC

PO Box 843762

Los Angeles, CA 90084-3762


Overnight Mail Delivery Address:


Lockbox Services 843762

Attn: SRI Ten 707 Wilshire LLC

3440 Flair Drive

El Monte, CA 91731


Remit via Electronic Fund Transfer Wire Transfers or ACH

Please contact the Building Management Office


Please make all Parking Rent checks payable to LAZ Karp Associates, LLC.


Parking rent checks should be mailed to the following address:


LAZ Karp Associates, LLC

PO Box 845870

Los Angeles, CA 90084-5870


If you prefer to send your payment via ACH or Wire Transfer, please use the following information:


ABA/ Routing Number: 121000248

Account Number: 4455677476

Name of Account: LAZ Parking AAF#670923


Overnight address:

Lockbox Services 845870

Attn: KAZ Karp Associates, LLC

3440 Flair Drive

El Monte, CA 91731