Tenant Handbook

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Overview: As the building owner, Shorenstein is committed to sustainability. For Shorenstein, this means enhancing investment performance, operational resilience, and business governance for the benefit of the company’s properties, tenants, employees, investors and communities. You can find more information about Shorenstein’s sustainable operations on the building’s Green Scorecard.
As a tenant, we hope that you will recognize and take ownership of the critical role you play in minimizing our building’s impact on the environment as it relates to reducing energy and water use, and sorting waste. Please review and adhere to the below guidelines within your office.
Waste Recycling: Tenants must adhere to the building’s waste recycling program. This means sorting waste properly into recycling, compost (if applicable), and landfill bins. If you would like informational signage for your space, please view the Recycling Guidelines on the Sustainability tab at the top of this page or reach out to the Property Management Office for additional guidance.
Electronic Waste (e-waste) Recycling: Electronic waste (e-waste) contains hazardous material that must NOT be disposed of in the building’s trash or recycling stream. E-waste must be collected and disposed of via a certified e-waste recycler. Reach out to the Property Management Office for more information about collection times and/or the e-waste collection location at the building. All drop off of personal or business e-waste for recycling at the building is at your own risk. Before dropping off the equipment for reuse/recycling, it is your responsibility to: (a) delete the data on the hard-disk drives and any other storage devices in the equipment; (b) back up or transfer any data prior to deletion; and (c) remove any removable media, such as diskettes, CDs, or PC cards. Neither the Owner nor Owner’s Agent will verify removal of confidential data that may be stored on Tenant’s personal or business electronic equipment before being recycled. Owner and Owner’s Agent, Shorenstein Realty Services, L.P., accept no liability for loss of confidential data or software.
Green Construction: Tenants must adhere to the “Green Construction Standards” included in Shorenstein’s Construction Standards document. This applies to the initial buildout of a tenant space and any and all subsequent improvements and/or renovations.
Sustainability Data-Sharing: In order to facilitate ENERGY STAR certification, tenants must provide the Property Management Office with the following figures upon request (on an annual basis).
  1. Number of computers in tenant space
  2. Number of employees/occupants in tenant space
Energy Disclosure Requirements: In order for the building owner to comply with federal, state, or local law, tenants must deliver energy use information related to the tenant’s space upon Property Management’s request (on an annual basis).
Additional Resources: Shorenstein property management teams are equipped with resources to assist tenants in optimizing sustainability in their space.
  1. Refer to the sustainability tab above for additional resources.
  2. Reach out to the Property Management Office if you have additional questions/comments/suggestions for enhancing sustainability within your space, and Shorenstein’s building as a whole.