Tenant Handbook

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Elevator Service

Elevator service is available 24 hours a day. You must use your keycard 24/7 to access the elevators at the lobby level.

Elevators are one of the safest modes of transportation. However, on occasion they do malfunction. In case of an elevator emergency:

  • Press the “Emergency Call” button to notify security personnel. Do not pull the stop button.
  • If the elevator stops between floors and the door opens, stay in the car. Do not try to climb out or jump to the floor below. Do not try to pry open the doors - it may cause additional damage to the equipment and further delay release.
  • Stay calm and wait for help to arrive. If the emergency lasts an extended period of time, sit on the floor and either look up or ahead so that you will feel less confined.
  • After the incident, follow-up on details of the occurrence with the Building Management Office or the Security Supervisor
  • Elevators are not airtight chambers. There is significant air movement throughout the elevator shaft at all times.
  • Elevators cannot "free fall." All elevators are equipped with duplicating safety features, which prevent such incidences from occurring.
  • If an entrapment occurs, you will be in constant contact with security personnel. The elevator technician will be notified immediately and will arrive as soon as possible.