Tenant Handbook

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Recycling and Composting Program

Tenant agrees to participate in the waste recycling programs implemented by Landlord for the Building, including any programs and procedures for recycling writing paper, computer paper, shipping paper, boxes, newspapers / magazines and aluminum cans. If Landlord elects to provide collection receptacles for recyclable paper and/or recyclable aluminum cans in the Demised Premises, Tenant shall designate an appropriate place within the Demised Premises for placement thereof, and Tenant shall cause its employees to place their recyclable papers and/or cans into the applicable such receptacles on a daily basis.


Aon Center at 707 Wilshire recognizes the environmental and ecological importance of recycling and reducing the amount of solid waste going to the landfills. The goal of the recycling program is to recover and recycle between 70% and 80% of the total waste generated at Aon Center. Tenants of the building can greatly contribute to the program’s success. Please read below to understand how the program works.


What can I recycle at my desk?

The container under your desk is for recyclable material only.

Any food and anything that has touched food must be disposed in the kitchen.

Recyclable Material

Dry Paper: white paper, colored paper, envelopes, magazines and newspapers, post-its, manila file folders, etc.

Empty Beverage Containers: aluminum cans, glass bottles and plastic bottles.


What can I recycle in the kitchen?

Rinsed Beverage Containers: aluminum cans, glass bottles and plastic bottles.

Composting Container (Pure Food Waste Only):  If your suite is participating in the pure food compost program, you should see a green food compost bin in your kitchen labeled “Food Waste Only.”  You can throw away food including bones and shells.

Please do not dispose paper plates, paper cups, paper napkins, cardboard, plastic, glass or metal material in the composting bin.

What about E-Waste and Batteries?

The building has an e-waste center in the loading dock to capture all unwanted electronics and plastics. Please contact the management office at 213.614.2300 to coordinate pick-up.